US Constitution Unit Study Guide

Purpose: These activities are designed to instruct the student in investigation, research, and debate. Through these activities students will learn the various backgrounds and special interests each delegate brought to the convention. They will also learn how the delegates were able to achieve compromises to assure that the Constitution would be written.


  1. Summarize the role of delegates to the Constitutional Convention.
  2. Identify the compromises that were made in the writing of the Constitution.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to summarize, conduct web-based research, and produce Powerpoint presentations.


  1. Assign the role of a key delegate to a group of students. Students will spend time researching the following areas:
    1. Age of the delegate at the time of the Convention
    2. Occupation, education, and marital status
    3. Area of Special interest brought to the Convention
    4. Were they a member of the Continental Army?
    5. Did they ultimately support or reject the Constitution?
  2. Divide the delegates according to small state delegates and large state delegates and conduct a debate. Issues to be debated:
    1. The Great Compromise
    2. State’s rights verses a stronger national government.
    3. The 3/5 Compromise
  3. Adapt the Constitution to the present time.

Closing: These activities will help bring the Constitutional Convention to life.

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