My Philosophy of Education

Education should provide learning experiences which enable students to develop academically, emotionally, morally, culturally, and socially.  Each student should experience a feeling of trust, understanding, and a sense that success is real.  In developing these feelings in students each one should have an opportunity to become a productive, caring citizen with high standards and moral sensitivity.  As an educator I am responsible for providing a positive atmosphere conducive to learning by acknowledging and accommodating individual learning differences.  Students must approach learning not as a passive activity but as an ongoing process in which they and the teacher are actively engaged in.


Grade or subject taught:  3rd

Years taught in the district:  8

Birthday:  March 3, 1972

Number of children:  2

Hobbies:  Reading, swimming  playing with my kids

Quote:  Live everyday as though it`s your last.


Kristie Smith

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