Grade or subject taught: 4th Grade

Years taught in the district:  13 years

Birthday:  December 12th

Number of children:  3

Hobbies:  Reading

Words of Wisdom/Special Quote:  Great other people exactly as you would like to be treated by them. 

Science Test for Chapter 2 will be Tuesday, October 19,2004.

Social Studies Test will be Thursday, October 14, 2004.

Spelling Test and Reading Test over "I Love Guinea Pigs" will be Friday, October 15,2004.

The Spelling words for 10-11 - 10-15 are:

baseball ,basketball ,upstairs ,myself ,highway, classroom, anyway, newspaper, something, sometime, chalkboard, earrings, nighttime, motorcycle,  downstairs,  softball, weekend, classmate, doorbell, driveway. 


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